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Carol Brizzi is an accomplished digital filmmaker and still photographer. Carol studied narrative film at Syracuse University's College of Visual and Performing Arts, Department of Media Studies.

Her clients include Glens Falls Hospital Center for Occupational Health, Wiawaka Holiday House on Lake George, Warren Washington County Mental Health Association, Exceptional Family Resources and New Milford Hospital Mental Health Services.

Carol is a founding member of Upstate Independents, the Albany, NY AIVF salon and is founder and president of Blue Crow Studio Inc., specializing in digital media production and design. She lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia and the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.

UnReelmusic is the pen name of Kimb Williams. Kimb has been composing music for over twenty five years and has also practiced massage therapy for over ten. Her Primal Waters compositions are inspired and informed by her experience in the healing arts. Kimb has also written music for film, dance and television. She is an accomplished songwriter and her songs can be heard on radio and the Internet.




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