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Newnan, GA, February 8, 2006 When President Bush proclaimed this February as American Heart Month, he probably was not aware that the heart harbors a secret that can not only affect one's health but can influence how the brain works as well. This "secret" although ancient in origin, is backed up by a wealth of scientific information.

Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D., stress resiliency expert and co-founder of the Helix Institute's School of Wellness Coaching ( ) explains that when people are under stress the heart sends out a chaotic electrical signal that can not only wreak havoc with one's thinking, but can repulse the very people one wants to attract...loved ones, friends and, if one is in business, customers!

How can people stop their hearts from betraying them? "Just by understanding and then applying some simple principles from the cutting edge field of heart intelligence," says Dr. Britt, "For instance, did you know that the heart actually has its own brain and that the heart's brain constantly sends signals to the brain between our ears, influencing behavior and decision making? That the heart's electrical field actually projects beyond one's physical body, interacting and changing with other people's heart fields as one comes into contact with others. That the heart possesses a kind of intelligence that people can use to their advantage, both in business and in one's personal life."



So how can the average person use this knowledge to their advantage? "Fortunately, scientific research has discovered what the ancient sages have known for centuries," says Britt. "The heart is the key to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being, and the master key to business success as well."  

"We now know that there are elegantly simple techniques, if correctly taught and properly used, that can assist anyone to quickly and easily create a calm and peaceful heart and thus a smooth and coherent heart energy field, a field that can help anyone to reach their highest potential: physically, emotionally and spiritually. As we train wellness coaches here at the Helix Institute, instruction in heart intelligence is one of the areas we emphasize."

The Helix Institute's Wellness Coaching program uses the latest in distance learning instructional methods, including interactive, real time Coaching Labs. Britt, a former physician assistant with over twenty years experience in urgent care, emergency and occupational medicine, and Bonnie Hill, an experienced Professional Certified Coach, launched the program after learning that quality training programs in wellness coaching were urgently needed.  

"We teach the concept of wellness in body, mind and spirit," states Britt, "regardless of the client's state of health. Our Wellness Coaching program is based on the latest findings from positive psychology, medicine and biology and students also get a thorough grounding in the ancients arts of meditation and guided imagery, as well as expert training in wellness coaching skills. Helix students walk away from our program confident in the knowledge and practical skills they have acquired. Training professionals to assist others in developing wellness in their lives is extremely gratifying and rewarding work."

To celebrate American Heart Month, The Helix Institute is sponsoring a free teleconference call on Valentine's Day, February 14 at 1:30PM Eastern, to introduce the new science behind the ancient teachings of the heart and to instruct participants in a simple, but profoundly effective technique that can significantly reduce stress and increase wellness. To register for the free Valentine's Day call and to get more information about the Helix Institute's School of Wellness Coaching, go to

All registrants will receive a link to the call recording so that those who are not able to attend the call in person will still be able to benefit from the information.

The Helix Institute offers a proprietary curriculum for certification as a Helix Institute Wellness Coach, in a proven, distance-learning format. For more information, go to the Helix Institute's website at