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Dear Editor,

We are pleased to present to you a powerful and original production, the Telly award winning relaxation video, The 5th Season, and its accompanying CDs.

The 5th Season is for those individuals who are searching for an enjoyable, effortless way to relax and reduce stress for themselves or the clients they serve, whether that stress is caused by the rush of modern life or by a chronic illness or injury.

In this online press kit, we have provided a variety of materials that will make it easy for you to share the beautiful and relaxing imagery, the music and guided relaxation experience with your readers, viewers, listeners and friends. Resources include:

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  • Ellen Britt/Executive Producer
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Visit the appropriate sample sections and you will find clips of video and music selections.

We are delighted for you to use this information but we do request that (1) you give appropriate credit on all reprinted information and...

(2) that you send us a tear sheet of any material published in print or on the web.

I would be happy to assist you in any way I can, including answering questions or being available for an interview.

Thank you for participating with us in the release of these award winning products.

Warm regards,

Ellen Britt, PA-C, Ed.D.
Editorial and Media Relations





Primal Waters Digital Media Products

For Immediate Release
Contact: Ellen Britt
The 5th Season

 Primal Waters Introduces The 5th Season:
An Entirely New Way To Meditate

Newnan, GA (February, 2004) Primal Waters, producer of innovative digital media products and services that facilitate relaxation and meditation, as well as promote stress resiliency, is introducing the first in its line of interrelated visual meditation/relaxation products.

The 5th Season video is an organic fusion of mesmerizing natural imagery, evocative original music and natural sound and is professionally designed to help the viewer journey, gently and effortlessly within, to their own "still center", a place of soothing relaxation, tranquility and calm.

“Our video goes far beyond simply showing people pretty pictures,” says President and CEO Carol Brizzi. “The choice of images, the precise sequencing and timing of those images and the music written specifically for the video footage, all figure into the final product, which represents an unusual synthesis of art and science.”

Original music for The 5th Season and its accompanying CDs, Music From The 5th Season, and Sanctuary, a guided relaxation, was written, performed and produced by Kimb Williams of UnReelMusic, a composer and licensed massage therapist.

Brizzi and Primal Waters cofounder Ellen Britt, a mid-level health practitioner, were encouraged to create the new line of relaxation videos when patients complained that the usual methods of meditation advocated by their physicians were too difficult to master.

There is now abundant scientific evidence (articles available upon request) indicating that exposure to the natural environment has profound positive effects on our physical and mental health. Something as simple as a view of trees from a window has been shown to increase worker productivity and decrease absenteeism and has also been shown to decrease the amount of pain medication and length of stay in hospitalized patients. Indeed, even pictures of nature have been shown to produce beneficial effects on our physical and psychological health.

Of course, no videotape can entirely reproduce the complexity and beauty of a truly natural setting, but many people, especially those incapacitated by illness or injury, may find getting "back to nature" to be inconvenient at best and, at times, impossible. The 5th Season provides the benefits of a restorative environment whenever and wherever one chooses to enjoy it.

The 5th Season was shot entirely on location in upstate New York's beautiful Adirondack Park, one of the largest remaining wilderness areas in the northeast. Many viewers, even those who are regularly immersed in the outdoors, remark that with regular use, the tape helps them achieve a profound level of "relaxed alertness" and that they now have a renewed sense of wonder at natureÕs myriad details.

The 5th Season and its accompanying CDs are packaged to evoke the sense of calm and serenity they were created to inspire. The 5th Season, Music From The 5th Season and Sanctuary will be distributed through the company's website at and will also be available at selected retail outlets including spas, massage schools, hospital gift shops and specialty gift retailers. The 5th Season retails for $24.95. The CDs, Music From The 5th Season and Sanctuary, retail for $14.95 each. For more information email Carol or visit

Editor's note: Interview with CEO Carol Brizzi or cofounder Ellen Britt available upon request. You can sample all of our products by visiting the menus at the top or bottom of any page.