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The Ensemble: The Synergy PackageThe Ensemble: includes the VHS the 5th Season, The Soundtrack from The 5th Season, and Sanctuary.
How Do You Define Synergy?
  • Is it a new form of solar power?
  • the name of a new sports drink?
  • or could it be the fortuitous combination of different elements so that the whole gives rise to something much greater than the simple sum of its parts?

If you guessed answer number three, of course you are right. But synergy also reflects a fundamental and beautiful truth at the heart of the Universe and the natural world:

All of us, as humans or dolphins or elephants or tropical orchids, even down to the molecules of air that flow into our lungs, are interconnected and intertwined in a chaotic, complex and yet strangely ordered dance.

Synergy is not only beautiful but essential to our well-being!

How does The Ensemble work synergistically?

Many people who have seen The 5th Season remark, that with repeated viewings, the music becomes “married to the imagery.” When they listen to the music from The 5th Season, the flowing imagery and the feelings of relaxation and calm that they experienced while watching the tape, come rushing back. The CD, Music from the Original Soundtrack The 5th Season, can then be used alone to facilitate the same deeply relaxed the dentist's office, during a minor medical procedure or even during surgery itself.

Music from the Original Soundtrack The 5th Season, is also great to accompany yoga, tai-chi or massage and can be immensely helpful for those times when you just can't get to sleep. Many of our customers listen while driving and say that this music takes all the pain out of being stuck in traffic!

Sanctuary, our guided relaxation CD, can also assist you in reaching a deeply relaxed state and teaches you to use a simple gesture or word to "anchor" or recreate relaxation at a moment's notice, whenever and wherever you need it. After you have reached a relaxed state, Sanctuary creates a private island of serenity and peace, by providing music taken from the Original Soundtrack, so that you can anchor this newfound relaxation into your body and soul.

The Ensemble includes:

The Ensemble is synergy at its best !

Each of our products, like a solitary flower, radiates its own individual beauty, but their true power, like a fragrant bouquet, resides in a complex sensory experience which only the complete triad can impart. This is synergy at its best!

Order all three products today and save!
Includes the Telly Award winning
The 5th Season,
Music from the Original Soundtrack
The 5th Season
and Sanctuary.

Wrap yourself in comfort with The Ensemble
Synergy package. At home, at work, on vacation
or even during a medical or dental procedure,
The Ensemble will cover you with a blanket of
peace and serenity. Once you experience The Ensemble
you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Price: $49.35 plus S & H, tax where applicable.
The Ensemble is priced at 10% less
than if purchased individually...a $54.85 value
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