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The R Factor for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, naturally you look for a solid ROI when making decisions that effect your business. You've probably spent a lot of money on expensive sales training, marketing seminars, PR people, business books and the like. If those folks indeed delivered what they promised, then their programs were worth every penny.

But what about your PROI?

What's PROI?

I'll get to that in a minute. But first, I'd like to ask you a question.

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you will do anything to make your business a success, including working 80 plus hours a week, forgoing sleep, and eating take out dinners in little paper cartons every other night.

After all, that's what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, right?


dead wrong.

Now don't misunderstand me. I know you want the best for your business. You want your "baby" to succeed. You'll sacrifice almost anything to see that happen.

The problem is, what you are sacrificing is yourself.

And without you, your business is dead in the water.

Most entrepreneurs believe that by working themselves
to exhaustion, they are ensuring the success of their business...

while in reality the only things they are ensuring are

  • mediocrity
  • poor judgement
  • and bad business decisions.

They believe that by increasing their working hours they are increasing their productivity...

while in reality they are hard at work undermining their own success.

Big Business is not Immune

Even a business as big as NASA isn't immune. The elite team of scientists and engineers who made the ill considered decision not to replace the space shuttle Challenger's O-rings was suffering from sleep deprivation. They were pushing against a deadline to get that rocket off the ground. And get it off the ground they did...for 73 unforgettable seconds.

The cost in lost dollars was in the billions and the cost in lost lives...well, you get the picture.

Senior management at Xerox Corporation estimates that a single executive lost due to a stress related illness costs the company a whopping $160,000. A loss, that if addressed in time, is totally preventable.

The research results are clear. An investment in wellness pays off...big time. Companies who implement wellness programs for their employees see, on average, a 300% ROI. That's a 3 dollar return for every dollar spent. Dollars gained in less sick time taken, in lowered health insurance costs and in increased productivity. Now that's a sound return on investment.

But what about your PROI?

PROI stands for Personal Return on Investment. This means the return you will see on an investment in your personal wellness and resiliency. As an entrepreneur, you ARE your company. You invest in business seminars, marketing and PR without so much as blinking. And it follows that an investment in yourself is simply sound business sense.

So, ok, say you're convinced. How do you go about designing a wellness and resiliency plan for yourself?

  • Exactly how much sleep do you need for maximum effectiveness?
  • What's the best exercise and how much and how often?
  • What kinds of foods and in what quantities do you need to maximize your energy?
  • What cutting edge stress relieving tools could you be using today that you don't even know about?
  • And perhaps the most important question of are you going to implement such a plan when you are already stressed to the max and hardly have a second you can call your own?

That's where the R Factor:™ Stress Resiliency for Entrepreneurs comes in.

What 's the R Factor™?

The R in R Factor™ stands for Resiliency...the ability to bounce back from the harmful, and sometimes deadly effects of no sleep, lousy food, little exercise, tight deadlines and all those one hundred and one things that you, as an entrepreneur, have come to accept as an inevitable and normal part of your life.

When you enroll in the R Factor™ program, you can expect to:

  • Master the basics of stress resilient living.
  • Identify your personal stress response and learn how to use it to your advantage.
  • Learn how to identify your unrecognized strengths.
  • Clarify your resiliency goals: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Master the "coach approach" to goal setting and achievement.
  • Increase your work productivity and satisfaction.
  • Discover obstacles and supports in reaching your identified wellness goals.
  • Achieve as high as 90% of your top priority goals.
  • Master a simple but powerful method to keep your cool in high-pressure situations.
  • Learn to coach yourself, as well as coach employees who report to you.
  • Immediately reduce your stress level by training on a cutting edge biofeedback tool (with the Advantage and Mastery level programs.).
  • Increase your heart rate variability to achieve cardiac conherence (with the Advantage and Mastery level programs.)
  • Improve the quality of your decisions by learning to access "whole brain" thinking (with the Mastery level program.)

All R Factor™ coaching and training is done by phone, from the convenience of your home or office. Best of all, there are no travel expenses and sessions are scheduled at your convenience.

Initially, you'll spend 90 minutes with your personal R Factor™ Wellness Coach, where you will set your goals for the program. Next, you'll get powerful, immediately effective training on one of the most effective, scientifically proven stress reduction instruments available today.

You will work with your R Factor™ Wellness Coach, one on one, to design and implement a practical, workable wellness and resiliency plan that you can stay with for the rest of the life. A plan that you can take to the bank in terms of the long-term value this program will have for you and for your business.

All your R Factor™ work, in addition to telephone sessions, is supported by email communication with your personal R Factor™ Wellness Coach, as well as by written and downloadable audio materials. We suggest meeting with your coach every other week, giving you plenty of time to implement your plan between sessions.

Although the R Factor™ program is usually completed in 12 sessions, the lessons you learn about yourself will last a lifetime.

The return on investment
for you and your business?


The R Factor is available in three levels or can be customized for your particular needs:

Level One CORE includes:

  1. an initial 90 minute Stress Resiliency Map™ session with your professionally trained R-Factor Wellness Coach*
  2. a one hour initial session with your R Factor Wellness coach
  3. eight (30 minute) sessions, one every other week with your R Factor Wellness coach
  4. a one-hour wrap up session at the end of the program
  5. written wellness modules (in pdf format) on such topics as stress, sleep, nutrition and exercise
  6. unlimited email support from your R Factor Wellness coach over the course of the program.

Level Two ADVANTAGE (recommended*) includes Everything in CORE plus:

  1. HeartMath™ biofeedback hardware/software
  2. a one hour training session with our certified 1:1 Heartmath™ Provider on the HeartMath™ biofeedback instrument
  3. recorded mp3 files of the modules (downloadable to your iPod or other mp3 player)

*We recommend the Advantage (or Mastery) level, as both include integration
of the HeartMath™ tools into your program. You will see the fastest progress from these

Level Three MASTERY includes Everything in ADVANTAGE plus:(click to view comparison chart)

  1. An additional one-hour training sessions with our certified 1:1 Heartmath™ Provider on the HeartMath™ biofeedback instrument
  2. HeartMath™ Stress Relief Toolkit Workbook
  3. Apple iPod Nano plus tech support for downloading the audio modules
  4. the Ensemble, our trio of award winning relaxation video and CD product.


You may also elect to schedule a 90 minute Stress Resiliency Map™ session without making a commitment to enter any of our 12 session programs. If you then decide, within two weeks of completing your Stress Resiliency Map™, to join one of our 12 session programs, the price of the Stress Resiliency Map™, $199, will be deducted from the total price of the program you choose.

Program Pricing: For payment options and to buy, click on your choice

  1. 90 minute Stress Resiliency Map™: $199.
  2. CORE: $1575 in advance (or $350 initial payment and $276.80 a month for 5 months, for a total of $1734)
  3. ADVANTAGE: $2319 in advance (or $700 initial payment and $370 month for 5 months for a total of $2550)
  4. MASTERY: $2679 in advance (or $900 initial payment and $409.80 a month for 5 months, for a total of $2949)

All programs are payable in advance or you can take advantage of our six month payment plans for each level. See each choice for payment plan details. We accept Discover, Mastercard and Visa.

image of mastercard, visa and discover cards


For more information, click on Compare Options or email Ellen Britt.

We are not here to do what has already been done.”
                                                                Robert Henri

*All of our R-Factor Coaches are professionally trained and experienced coaches. In addition to coach training, they have also completed an additional six months of training in Stress Resiliency from the Helix Institute School of Wellness Coaching.