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The R Factor™ for Leadership Teams

What is the singular most important set of skills your leadership team members must have if you truly want your company to be and remain competitive in today's corporate environment?

A set of skills so obvious, that at first it seems completely unnecessary to spell them out.  

Even though these skills are essential for a powerful, cohesive team...the majority of leadership team building programs, even the most elite, completely ignore them or do not know they exist.

What are these essential skills?

Before we spell them out, there is one fact that is absolutely essential to understand.

Today's fast paced and constantly changing corporate environment demands peak performance by your leadership team. Long hours, budgetary pressures, managing employees and a host of other challenges are everyday realities.

The pressure to perform often results in team members sacrificing their personal needs; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, for what they believe is the good of the company.

The end result is often teams whose members are not optimally productive or efficient, who handle conflict poorly, who have little or no investment in the team's mission and are at serious risk for burnout.

In fact, many of these once hard working and dedicated people  may begin to entertain thoughts of leaving the company altogether...

...and even if they don't leave the company physically, their minds and hearts are just not in their work.

Today, there are plenty of good programs out there that promise to bring your people together into a cohesive team, one that works collaboratively and effectively. Perhaps you or your team has experienced one of these programs yourself, in the form of a seminar or perhaps even a team retreat.

These programs address such fundamentals as improving communication skills, time management, conflict resolution, building trust and a myriad of other topics designed to get your team working together, rather than just being a group of individuals who all report to the same person.

As vital as these skills are for successful team functioning, leadership team building programs all ignore one absolutely fundamental truth.

One simple truth...

Teams are composed of individuals...

And if those individuals do not have an effective, powerful plan to build personal, emotional, physical and spiritual resiliency, all the team building in the world will not, and cannot, transform them into the highly effective, cohesive team they could be. Their potential, both as individuals and as team members, is forever lost.

Chances are, your leadership team members are dedicated professionals, doing everything they can to be the best, for themselves, their team and their company.

That dedication often includes working long hours, handling complex negotiations, dealing with difficult people and situations and finding workable solutions to urgent problems.

That same dedication can also mean working through lunch, working late hours, taking paperwork home in the evening, working on weekends, forgoing sleep and sacrificing personal and family time for the good of the company.

After all, that's what it takes to be a member of a successful leadership team, right?


dead wrong.

Please don't misunderstand. Your team members want the best for their company and for themselves and they are willing to sacrifice almost anything to see that happen.

The problem is, what they are sacrificing is themselves.

And without them, your company is dead in the water.

Most people believe that by working themselves to exhaustion, they are ensuring the success of their company...

while in reality the only things they are ensuring are

  • mediocrity
  • poor judgement
  • and bad business decisions.

They believe that by increasing their working hours they are increasing their productivity...

while in reality they are hard at work undermining, not only their own success, but the success of the very company they work for!

Big Business is not Immune

Even a business as big as NASA isn't immune. The elite team of scientists and engineers who made the ill considered decision not to replace the space shuttle Challenger's O-rings was suffering from sleep deprivation. They were pushing against a deadline to get that rocket off the ground. And get it off the ground they did...for 73 unforgettable seconds.

The cost in lost dollars was in the billions and the cost in lost lives...well, you get the picture.

Management experts estimate the cost of replacing a key team member at seven times their annual salary. A loss, that if addressed in time, is totally preventable.

The research results are clear. An investment in wellness pays off...big time. Companies who implement wellness programs for their employees see, on average, a 300% ROI. That's a 3 dollar return for every dollar spent. Dollars gained in less sick time taken, in lowered health insurance costs and in increased productivity. Now that's a sound return on investment.

Many organizations do a great job of bringing in programs for their team, targeting specific health related behaviors such as smoking, lack of exercise and poor diet. But by far the greatest benefits are realized when participants deeply integrate change over multiple areas of their lives.

And it goes without saying that you invest in training seminars for your team on such topics as communication, team coherence and the like without so much as blinking. It follows that an investment that will increase your team's resiliency and wellness is simply sound business sense.

That's where the R Factor for Leadership Teams comes in.

The R Factor™ Stress Resiliency Program for Leadership Teams focuses on the unique pressures that your team faces everyday.

The R in R Factor™ stands for resiliency...the ability to bounce back from the energy robbing, harmful, and sometimes deadly effects of constantly working to bring projects in on time and within budget, trying to balance work and home life, attending seemingly endless meetings and negotiating in a sea of constant change that is reality in the corporate world today.

Team members will learn effective, powerful ways to diffuse the encompassing harmful effects of stressful pressures on their minds and bodies, which impact how they feel, react and perform. The emphasis of our R Factor™ program focuses on optimizing the outcome of using these techniques.

When your team enrolls in the R Factor™ they can expect to:

  1. Identify their personal stress response and learn how to use it to their advantage.
  2. Learn how to identify unrecognized strengths.
  3. Clarify resiliency goals: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  4. Master the “coach approach” to goal setting and achievement.
  5. Increase work productivity and satisfaction.
  6. Discover obstacles and supports in reaching identified wellness goals.
  7. Achieve as high as 90% of their top priority goals.
  8. Master a simple but powerful method to keep their cool in high-pressure situations.
  9. Learn to coach themselves, as well as coach employees who report to them.
  10. Immediately reduce stress levels by training on a cutting edge biofeedback tool .
  11. Increase their individual heart rate variability to achieve cardiac conherence.
  12. Improve the quality of their decisions by learning to access whole brain thinking (with the Mastery level program.)

All R Factor™ coaching and training is done by phone, from the convenience of your team members' home or office. Best of all, there are no travel expenses and sessions are scheduled at each participants' convenience.

Initially, each team member will spend 90 minutes with their personal R Factor™ Wellness Coach, where they will set their personal goals for the program. Next, they will receive powerful, immediately effective training on one of the most effective, scientifically proven stress reduction instruments available today.

Each team member will work with their R Factor™ Wellness Coach, one on one, to design and implement a practical, workable wellness and resiliency plan that they can stay with for the rest of their lives. A plan that you and your team can take to the bank in terms of the long-term value this program will have for your team members and for your organization.

All R Factor™ work, in addition to telephone sessions, is supported by email communication with the participants' personal R Factor™ Wellness Coach, as well as by written and downloadable audio materials. We suggest that team members meet with their coach every other week, giving them plenty of time to implement their plan between sessions.

Although the R Factor™ program is usually completed in 12 sessions, the lessons your team will learn about themselves will last a lifetime.

The return on investment
for your team and your organization?


The R Factor is completely customizable for your team's particular needs.

Core elements include:

  1. an initial 90 minute Stress Resiliency Map™ session with their professionally trained R- Factor Wellness Coach* to plan their program and clarify their goals
  2. regular individual meetings with their coach to solidify and implement their plan.
  3. written downloadable wellness modules on such topics as stress, sleep, nutrition and exercise
  4. unlimited email support from their personal wellness coach over the course of the program,
  5. group training on the Heartmath FreezeFramer, one of the most effective biofeedback instruments available today
  6. Heartmath software and hardware.

Customization can include additional training on the HeartMath system, expansion of individual coaching hours to team members who may be facing particular challenges and/or who have extraordinary potential and periodic group team meetings with an experienced R-Factor coach to reinforce progress and increase team cohesiveness around the program.

Additional program features are also available, including:

  1. recorded mp3 files of the modules (downloadable to iPod or other mp3 player)
  2. HeartMath™ Stress Relief Toolkit Workbook
  3. Engraved Apple iPod Nano plus tech support for downloading the audio modules the Ensemble, our trio of award winning relaxation video and CD product
  4. Individualized advanced training on the HeartMath instruments and techniques
  5. HeartMath's EmWave, portable hand-held stress relief technology
  6. the Ensemble, our trio of award winning relaxation video and CD products

Program Pricing

Estimates** of the cost of losing one of your key team members is seven times their annual salary. You can enroll an entire team of ten individuals in the R-Factor Program for less than 5% of what it would cost to replace that individual alone.

Call (Ellen Britt 678-525-8045) or email us today to discuss special pricing for your team.

We are not here to do what has already been done.”
                                                                Robert Henri

*All of our R-Factor Coaches are professionally trained and experienced coaches. In addition to coach training, they have also completed an additional six months of training in Stress Resiliency from the Helix Institute School of Wellness Coaching.

** Journal of Management Information Systems (2002) 19(3), pp. 231-261. M. E. Sharpe, Inc.