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Stress Resiliency Coaching Agreement
Terms of Enrollment


Please read the terms of enrollment carefully. To continue with enrollment you must accept the cancellation policy and the student agreement.
Materials License

Primal Waters owns all the intellectual property in the materials package you will receive. The materials package is licensed to you, not sold.

Primal Waters hereby grants you a personal, terminable, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the Stress Resiliency Coach™ Materials(Stress Resiliency Coach™ Training Manual, Stress Resiliency Coach™ PowerPoint presentation) at workshops, groups, and classes (as well as with individual clients) conducted by you in person or via teleclass or phone using the Stress Resiliency Coach™ method. Although you are not required to use the Stress Resiliency Coach™ PowerPoint presentation in your workshops, you may wish to do so. You may customize the Stress Resiliency Coach™ PowerPoint presentation by removing or reordering slides from their usual sequence. However, the text and graphics on each slide may not be modified in any way and the copyright information on each slide must not be altered.

Restrictions: You may not authorize or train others to replicate the Stress Resiliency Coach™ Materials, including our proprietary tool, The Stress Resiliency Index™ This license is not transferable or assignable to any other party.

Cancellation Policy

I understand that I may cancel my enrollment at any time before the second one-hour teleclass and receive a full refund. If I do not cancel my enrollment before the beginning of the second one-hour teleclass, I understand that I am responsible for the full tuition amount. All cancellations must be received in writing.

Student Agreement

I agree to abide by the parameters set forth in the Materials license.

I agree NOT to tape any Stress Resiliency Coach™ session, or give the Primal Waters Telecircle™ bridge number(s) or URLs for taped classes, to anyone not enrolled in the class.

I understand that students and faculty will carry on ongoing discussions on the Stress Resiliency Coach ™ email listserve. I either now have the capability to send and receive email or I will acquire that capacity.

I also understand that Primal Waters will provide the class teleconference bridge and that I will be responsible for my own long-distance calls into the bridge.

I understand if I choose a tuition package that includes payments, I am authorizing Primal Waters to automatically charge the remaining amount to my credit card as specified in that package.

Step 2.

I have read the Student Agreement, Cancellation policy and license for the course materials. Click agree if you accept these terms. In order to proceed with enrollment you must agree to the terms of enrollment.

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