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1.  Master the art of stress resiliency,building on what you already knowto become an EXPERT in this cutting edge discipline.

2.  Learn how to incorporate practical and immediately useful tools into your practice and personal life.

3.  Develop a deep understanding ofstress resiliency that will enable you to create your own unique approach.

4.  Learn from an extraordinary scholar and teacher.

5.  Enjoy a vital international  learning community of Stress Resiliency Coaches™.

6   Develop a rewarding and compelling specialization that goes light years beyond a niche!

7.  Design and develop your own stress resiliency products.

8.  Learn how to market from your comfort zone!

9.  Step on the path to Certification as a Helix Institute Wellness Coach.

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What is Comfort Zone Marketing™?

For most of us, especially if we serve our clients as a helping professional, the term "marketing" can cause us to feel...well, a little uneasy.

Many of our students have said that they equated marketing as something vaguely dishonest and disreputable...something with which they did not want to be associated.

As a helping professional and Stress Resiliency Coach™, you will have an extremely valuable and beneficial package of services to offer your clients. But if they don't know anything about you or what you have to offer, how can you possibly serve them?

Comfort Zone Marketing™ means simply what it says: staying in your comfort zone to offer information to prospective clients in a way that is ethical, caring and above all, comfortable for both you and your intended clients.

Not only is Comfort Zone Marketing™comfortable, it's also effective. The truth is, nobody wants to be marketed to, but everybody likes to buy!

Our students love this "comfort" approach to marketing, like Marius Hansa, from Wiesbaden, Germany who says, "..this a wonderful package that will contribute substantially to my clients' well-being and increase my marketing success as a coach."

Or like Alice Hertzler, LCSW, who writes, "In our work together Ellen provided information and inspiration to move forward with a new view of stress and many new tools to market my... practice..."

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