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cover art for the CD Sanctuary: a guided imaging with music

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    • Work deadlines ?

    • Financial worries ?

    • Concern about your children ?

    • Illness ?

    • Aging parents ?

    • Information overload ?

    • Too much to do and not enough time
      to do it... ?

The reality of our modern lives produces a continuous flow of stressful events. Your body is marvelously constructed to handle stress...from a pouncing tiger to the threatened attack of an enemy tribe, by getting you ready to either fight your attackers or to flee for your life.

The problem is, that these two ways of handling stress, while they worked well for humans over thousands of years, are no longer helpful. Your stresses today don't quickly come and go like tigers in the night, but pursue you, day in and day out, in an unending and relentless drain on your energy, your health and in some cases, your life.

Today you can relieve stress with much less effort

Fortunately, you don't need sharp spears or the endurance of an athlete to defeat chronic stress. There are much simpler and infinitely more enjoyable options, such as taking time out, enjoying relaxing music or listening to a guided relaxation CD.

Guided relaxation is an especially enjoyable, effortless way to deeply relax and let go and has been proven, in scientific studies from around the world, to relieve stress, whatever the cause.

Learn to effortlessly and enjoyably relax

Journey within to your own "still center", a place of tranquil serenity and calm. Learn to effortlessly and enjoyably re-create a sense of relaxed alertness...whenever and wherever you desire, without years of advanced meditation training or difficult visual imagery.

So make yourself comfortable, allow your eyes to close and the soothing voice of Maya Gray and to music from The 5th Season.


Take comfort.       Find Sanctuary.
Guided Relaxation with Music from The 5th Season
Compact Disc/22 minutes.

...creates a timeless sense of place
you will want to visit again and again.

Price: $14.95 plus S & H , sales tax where applicable.
Buy it now.

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What are people saying ?

“When I listen to this perfect balance of music and imagery, I feel a balance of mind and body, escape and renewal.

That is relaxation.”

Agatha Benton
Executive Director
The Crystal Spa
Saratoga Springs, NY

“I really like all of the products put out by Primal Waters. Their CD's and video are extremely well produced products that allow one to deepen a meditation or reflective moment easily and effortlessly. I especially love track 2 and 3 of the Sanctuary CD. Composer Kimberley Williams provides a musical journey into the depths of consciousness.

Simply transcendent.”

Cari Cole
Recording Artist