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The 5th Season The Soundtrack from The 5th Season Sanctuary; a guided imaging with music Get all 3 products at a special price Photo Gallery

Chill with the Soundtrack
from the 5th Season

The Soundtrack from The 5th Season

Music from the original soundtrack
The 5th Season
Compact Disc/39 minutes.

The music from Lessons from Water.
and all the award winning music from
The 5th Season video plus
five lush new original grooves
composed especially for this CD.
Price: $14.95 plus S & H ,
sales tax where applicable.
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Music you can melt into...

Evocative, compelling and piercingly beautiful, this album of original music was composed especially for The 5th Season, Primal Waters' visual meditation-relaxation video.

As you listen, you may find yourself on a profound journey within, a journey that deepens and intensifies each time you return.

Like Primal Waters' other relaxation products, this music can be used alone or in a powerful synergistic combination with The 5th Season video, for an even deeper relaxation experience.

Over time, the feelings of relaxation associated with viewing the 5th season become inseparable from both the video images and the music. When the soundtrack is then heard alone, the music summons, instantly and without effort, a relaxed and peaceful state of body and mind.

UnReel Music's composer, performer and producer is also a licensed massage therapist and brings her exquisitely tuned sense of balance and timing to her art.

  • Ideal as soothing music for:
  • massage
  • meditation
  • music imaging
  • writing
  • yoga
  • or tai chi.
  • Listen in your car while stuck in traffic.
  • Perfect for a loved one who is hospitalized or recovering at home.

However you choose to use it, Music From The 5th Season will simply carry you away!

Music from the original Soundtrack The 5th Season is also offered as part of The Ensemble.

All of the music on this CD was inspired by the natural water imagery filmed for The 5th Season. The CD includes all of the music from the tape and five additional tracks.

Sample the Soundtrack from The 5th Season
and decide for yourself.
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What are people saying ?
“...the music's sooooooo right.”

Dr. BA St. Andrews,Ph.D.
Distinguished Teaching Professor
poet, scholar

“I felt ...totally transported...slowly swept away
by the sweet music...”

Vicki N, Producer, VN Creative

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all three products.