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Primal Waters provides innovative digital media products and services that facilitate relaxation and meditation, as well as promote stress resiliency. Our identity is one of artistry, beauty and service.

Our products appeal to individual and corporate customers who are looking for an enjoyable, effortless way to relax and reduce stress for themselves or the clients they serve, whether that stress is caused by the rush of modern life or by a chronic illness or injury.


Primal Waters provides personal and executive coaching, stress resiliency seminars and workshops, and our Stress Resiliency Coaching™ Foundations program. We work collaboratively with a wide network of professionals and can quickly mobilize our resources to provide you with the best coach, consultant or team that your situation demands.

Our service division, keeps us in constant touch with real people instead of impersonal survey results, and is a vital part of our ongoing research and new product development.

Primal Waters is a subsidiary of Blue Crow Studio Inc. Blue Crow Studio provides digital media design and editing services.