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The R Factor(TM): Stress Resiliency for Executives
The New Buzz Word is Stress Resiliency
Did you know that:
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has declared stress a workplace hazard?
  • Stress costs American industry more than 300 billion dollars annually in hours lost due to absenteeism and reduced productivity?!

Primal Waters offers workplace seminars specifically designed to assist your employees in building stress resiliency. By resiliency, we mean:

  • a person's ability to bounce back and recover from stress
  • the ability to not get so caught up in stressful events
  • and to be able to stand at a distance and manage oneself in the face of difficult circumstances.

Resiliency also encompasses self-awareness, as well as the ability to regulate one's behavior and to motivate oneself following a setback. These characteristics are all hallmarks of emotional intelligence.

Although stress management programs have become very popular in the workplace over the last couple of decades, not all are equally effective. Research suggests that programs that are well designed and carefully implemented can not only

  • reduce employee stress and
  • improve health,
  • but also result in bottom-line benefits.

Our seminars are customized for you.

Our seminars can be customized to fit your needs and can range from a one or two day off-site workshop to a one hour “Lunch and Learn.”