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The R Factor: A Stress Resiliency Program for Executives Corporate Workshops
The New Buzz Word is Stress Resiliency
Our seminars are designed to answer questions in the following areas:

1. What exactly is stress?

2. What are the effects of stress on the body and how can stress impact job performance?

3. How does workplace stress differ from stress at home?

4. How does stress affect our physical and mental health and how can employees and managers know when to seek professional help?

5. How does the workers' compensation system treat stress related claims?

6. Does stress affect men differently than women and how can companies use this information to tailor stress reduction programs for their employees?

7. How does what we eat impact our stress levels?

8. How does shift-work affect your employees and what can you do to minimize its impact?

9. How can improvement in communication skills reduce stress?

10. You and your employees will learn practical tools and resources to increase stress resiliency:

  • A. Change you breathing, change your life!

  • B. The power of guided imagery and how to simply and effectively anchor the relaxed state so you can come back to it with a literal squeeze of your hand.

  • C. Real men (and women) do yoga! (Simple, easy to do, safe stretches that can be done on or off the job and that are proven to relieve stress.)

  • D. How to custom design your own stress relief system to use while on the job.

  • E. Resources (handouts, bibliography, helpful web sites).

We recommend, if at all possible, that workplace seminars be held away from the worksite and that all participants wear casual, comfortable clothing. Our trainers facilitate client participation and interaction and work from a co-creative learning model, in which clients have input on the structure, flow and information in the seminar.

To discuss how we can design a custom workshop for your organization, please contact Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D. Email Ellen or call her at 678-525-8045.