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Cover of The 5th Season; a massage for the mind


Could Stress Relief Be As Close
As Looking at your television ?

You know as well as anyone else that you need to relax and reduce stress in your life. Chances are you have tried exercise, perhaps yoga or deep breathing, even cutting out caffeine. Of course...all these things help some but lately you just don't seem to have time.

And meditation...every time you try to quiet your mind it seems like a million thoughts rush into your head at once.

Or maybe you're facing:

  • surgery
  • chemotherapy
  • about to undergo a stressful medical procedure
  • have an ongoing illness
  • or struggle with chronic pain.

It's not easy trying to deal with a medical or psychological problem that is aggravated by the very stress the condition brings on!

Exposure to the natural environment brings stress relief.

Fortunately, there is now abundant scientific evidence indicating that exposure to the natural environment has profound positive effects on our physical and mental health. Even pictures of nature have been shown to have these same effects! In addition, numerous studies reveal that music reaches us at our deepest emotional core and can have profound soothing and healing effects on our minds and bodies.

NOW you can reach a deeply relaxed state easily and effortlessly, simply by sitting back in a comfortable chair, dimming the lights and turning on your VCR!

Every aspect of The 5th Season is designed to reduce stress

The 5th Season is radically different from other "relaxation tapes" that are simply a series of pretty pictures. How?

  • The 5th Season uses vibrant, beautiful natural images that were filmed especially for this piece and then "marries" these images to compelling and evocative original music, composed exclusively for this video.
  • The pacing is intentionally structured to effortlessly draw you into the environment, no matter how stressed out you may be.
  • The precise sequencing of images, music and natural sound bring you from your current reality to a level of abstraction that is both hypnotic and fascinating, transporting you to a shimmering and intricate level of nature you never knew existed.
  • At the close of The 5th Season, you are released...relaxed, refreshed and buoyant, ready either to return to the demands of your day or to drift into a sound and peaceful sleep.
  • The 5th Season was filmed in Northern New York's beautiful Adirondack Park, one of the largest remaining wilderness areas in northeast. Here you can lose yourself in the endless fascination of life's complexity, reflected in the crystal waters.

The 5th Season is one in a trio of interrelated relaxation products, which includes Music from the Original Soundtrack, The 5th Season, and Sanctuary, a guided relaxation. The 5th Season was designed to soothe and relax you all on its own or to be used in conjunction with its accompanying CDs to produce a synergistic relaxation experience that will soothe, comfort and heal wherever you happen to be.

As The 5th Season is repeatedly viewed and deep relaxation is induced, the listener becomes conditioned to the music. Simply put, this means that when you hear the music, the feelings of relaxation that you experienced while watching the video come rushing back.

The CD soundtrack can then be used alone, in the dentist's chair, on a plane flight, during a medical procedure or even during surgery itself, to instantly induce relaxation and calm. The guided imagery CD, which uses selected tracks form the same music heard on The 5th Season, is a wonderful comforter to use before bed or anytime you need an instant getaway.

The 5th Season
“...a massage for the mind.”

Run time: 25 minutes
VHS/ NTSC/ color/ stereo

Price: $24.95 plus S&H, sales tax where applicable.

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What do Health Care Professionals have
to say about The 5th Season ?

“Unique among relaxation videos in its pace,
taking the viewer from cool down to relaxation
to re-entry to reality. Excellent tool to facilitate
relaxation with clients who are too stressed or
too depressed to use visualization.
This is a terrific product.”

Dr. Rita Oliverio, Ph.D.
Health Psychologist

“The 5th Season is a massage for the mind
...allows the space we all need to think
about the intricacies of our lives without
the usual resulting agitation and suggests
that we can carry those complexities in more
comfortable and comforting ways... Beyond
other relaxation devices, this one allows a full
range of emotions to emerge. I will definitely
be asking my clients to experience The 5th Season.”

Chris Colarusso, CSW
Therapist, private practice

“The 5th Season is...mesmerizing...
I would highly recommend this to persons
coping with anxiety as well as patients
managing worries about health conditions
such as cancer and chronic pain
...I expect that many people
will find this a helpful additional tool...
to use in coping with stress.”

Cay Anderson Hanley, Ph.D.
Clinical Research Psychologist

“...compelling, gorgeous, centering,
astonishing visually. Just astonishing.
New ways to SEE are inside this thing
...brilliant”!!!! ”

Dr. BA St. Andrews Ph.D.
Distinguished Teaching Professor
poet, scholar

“...absolutely beautiful,stunning...relaxing...”

Patricia L. Hale, Ph.D., MD