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Guided Relaxation with
Music from The 5th Season

Compact Disc/22 minutes.

Maya Grays' soothing and hypnotic voice guides you toward your own still center, while UnReelmusic's
evocative music creates a timeless sense of place you will want to visit again and again.

The 5th Season
“...a massage for the mind.”

Run time: 25 minutes
VHS/ NTSC/ color/ stereo

Late autumn reflections gradually draw you inward, stilling your mind ...beautiful soothing music and the sound of flowing water bring a sense of peaceful tranquility and calm.
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Music from the Original Soundtrack
The 5th Season

Compact Disc/39 minutes.

Its organic and beautiful sound evokes the calm cool stillness of a northern forest, making this CD the center of your play list. Includes the music from Lessons From Water.

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The 5th Season; image of the VHS find out more about The 5th Season The Soundtrack from The 5th Season: image of the CD find out more about the Soundtrack from The 5th Season