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The 5th Season: Relaxation video The Soundtrack from the Telly Award winning 5th Season Sanctuary: guided imaging with music from the CD The Soundtrack from the 5th Season The Ensemble: The synergy package: all 3 products with a 10 % discount Photo Gallery including images from the movie Lessons From Water
About Primal Waters Product Line
1. Tell me more about the theory behind Primal Waters products.

There is now abundant scientific evidence indicating that exposure to the natural environment has profound positive effects on our physical and mental health. Something as simple as a view of trees from a window has been shown to increase worker productivity and decrease absenteeism and has also been shown to decrease the amount of pain medication and length of stay in hospitalized patients. Indeed, even pictures of nature have been shown to produce beneficial effects on our physical and psychological health.

Of course, no videotape can entirely reproduce the complexity and beauty of a truly natural setting, but many people, especially those incapacitated by illness or injury, may find getting "back to nature" to be inconvenient at best and, at times, impossible. Our tape provides the benefits of a restorative environment whenever and wherever you choose to enjoy it.

2. What makes your products different from others relaxation videos?

The 5th Season goes far beyond simply showing people pretty pictures. The choice of images, the precise sequencing and timing of those images and the music written specifically for the video footage, all figure into the final product, which represents an unusual synthesis of art and science.

The other major difference is that The 5th Season is part of The Ensemble a synergistic package designed to expand the power of The 5th Season exponentially. Visit The Ensemble to learn more about the power of synergy.

Includes the Telly Award winning
The 5th Season,
Music from the original Soundtrack
The 5th Season
and Sanctuary.

Wrap yourself in comfort with The Ensemble Synergy package. At home, at work, on vacation or even during a medical or dental procedure,The Ensemble will cover you with a blanket of peace and serenity. Once you experience The Ensembleyou'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Price: $49.35 plus S & H, tax where applicable.
The Ensemble is priced at 10% less
than if purchased individually...a $54.85 value
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About The 5th Season
1. What's the story behind The 5th Season?

Perhaps you, like many others, suffer from problems related to stress, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia or a variety of other illnesses and conditions that have traditionally benefited from some form of relaxation therapy. Your physician may well have already advised you to begin some sort of relaxation practice, whether that be meditation, progressive relaxation or some other regular routine.

But unfortunately, our modern lives are just too hectic for most of us to commit to a regular practice.

Perhaps you regret never having learned to meditate, but find that it is too difficult, especially if you happen to be stressed or ill. Maybe, like many others, you have tried to use guided imagery. But despite your efforts to create gardens and lakes and peaceful scenes in your mind, you just can't seem to "see" anything. What else can you possibly do?

Yes, you could walk in the woods every day or take a trip to the beach, but these suggestions are just not practical for everyday life.

Now Primal Waters has designed an entirely new way to reach a deeply relaxed state, using music, natural imagery and sounds. No difficult imagery or meditation is required! Our accompanying CDs, Music from the Original Soundtrack The 5th Season, and Sanctuary, a guided relaxation, when used with the visual imagery, can enhance your experience even more.

2. What is the best way to watch The 5th Season? Does it help to watch the tape more than once?

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend watching the tape in a quiet, comfortable, dark or semi-dark setting, with no distractions. Also, repeated viewing seems to enhance one's enjoyment and ability to reach a deeply relaxed state. Running time is approximately twenty-five minutes.

Many viewers, even those who are regularly immersed in the outdoors, remark that with regular use, the tape helps them achieve a profound level of "relaxed alertness" and that they now have a renewed sense of wonder at nature's myriad details.

We hope this user's guide is helpful. We would be glad to add your insights and ways in which you have used our products in forthcoming editions of this guide. In addition, we would be happy to consult with you individually to help you achieve the greatest benefit from our products. Just email us at