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“Top Ten Stress News Stories Countdown of 2004”
10. Childhood stress can come back to haunt you.

Comment: Studies at the University of California at Irvine suggest, that early life stress not only harms mental function but can also cause immune system problems in later life.

“The Power of Three ”

Feeling stressed? Try these three powerful lesser known ways to relax, even in the middle of the most hectic day!

1. Discover the restorative power of nature.

There is now abundant scientific evidence indicating that exposure to the natural environment has profound positive effects on your physical and mental health.

“A Room With A View”

A Remarkable Body of Scientific Research Has Been Overlooked!

A group of patients who were about to undergo surgery in a large metropolitan hospital were randomly assigned to one of two groups prior to their operations. After surgery, patients in the first group recovered as well as could be expected, with the usual number of complications and use of pain medications. But the second group of patients had...

"Music is the shorthand of emotion."
Leo Tolstoy

Who has not experienced the power of music to evoke emotion? Mozart's Requiem has moved the souls of countless listeners for hundreds of years. Today, we are more likely to be exposed to the sound track of the latest popular film than to the stirring notes of a baroque orchestra. Director Francis Ford Coppola used music with stunning effect in his 1979 masterwork, Apocalypse Now. As the gunship helicopters prepare to fly into battle over the jungles of Vietnam, the unit's commander, Colonel Bill Kilgore, played by Robert Duvall, signals the start of Wagner's majestic and stirring Flight of the Valkyries,