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“The Power of Three” continued

So put aside that report for a few minutes and go for a walk outdoors. Or for the next best thing, watch a relaxing visual meditation video of trees or water.

2. Give in to your afternoon slump.

Your body temperature takes a dip in the afternoon, leaving you in the doldrums. Can't nap? If you are at work, shut your office door, or go into your bedroom or other place where you can be alone, relax into a chair and close your eyes, allowing your brain to go into a natural alpha rhythm (a state between wakefulness and deep sleep) for ten to fifteen minutes. (To avoid falling asleep, open your eyes when you start seeing hypnogogic imagery).

3. Breathe.

You'll breathe in and out more than a hundred million times in your life. What if you made a tiny improvement in something you did that often?

Try this. Take a deep breath. More than likely, when you breathed in, your chest rose and fell and your abdomen didn't move. By reversing this and breathing "from the belly", you can sooth your sympathetic nervous system and feel calmer naturally.

When you're feeling overwhelmed, remember these easy "de-stressers". Take a walk in the park. Or just shut your door and relax into a chair. Fifteen minutes of "alpha time" will restore your energy almost as well as a nap. And remember to breathe from your belly. You can carry this technique anywhere, even into a committee meeting or in the car with your children!